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Maureen Kelly

Founder and Senior Consultant 

Maureen Kelley, Founder, is a passionate advocate for educating, empowering and engaging women to make sound financial decisions, offering guidance and solutions to address their unique situation and investment needs.  Throughout her career, she built a strong community presence and a reputation for building and expanding relationships individually and in partnership with professionals––focusing on the emerging women’s and family wealth market. 

Before starting MADRE, Maureen served as Senior Vice President of Private Banking at Wells Fargo Private Bank, N.A. There she was a key contributor on the Wells Fargo Wealth Management Team and helped competitively position the Bank as the #1 Industry Leader in Private Banking within the greater Denver community.  

Early in her career, Maureen recognized an emerging niche market consisting of women in transition who were ill prepared to cope with managing their wealth or inheritance.  As this market continued to grow, she teamed up with other industry professionals and wealth advisors to create the Financial Well Being for Women Program and the Women in Transition Programs.  Both were designed to empower women to take charge of their finances, and to address the financial and next generation wealth transfer planning, income generation and risk management needs of women, their families and heirs.

Maureen served on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Leadership Foundation, and was actively involved with the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, the Purposeful Planning Institute, the Family Office Exchange, the Women’s Foundation. Today she is frequently called to speak on women’s and family wealth planning issues.

Maureen is adept at analyzing and monitoring the current and future financial, income and credit needs of clients and their families. She brings a level of expertise to help recognize investment opportunities, perform risk analysis and create full balance sheet solutions.  I have continually sought to further my professional education and am an Accredited Wealth Manager with additional Certification in Family Wealth Advising.  I hope to expand my vision and lead my organization in an executive leadership capacity––building a first of its kind Women’s Wealth Management Department with exclusive focus in this growing market.   


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