Maureen’s story

At an early age, I dreamt of being a teacher and a coach. After a few forks in the road, I entered the world of finance.  Never for a moment did I see myself on Wall Street, but somehow that is where I landed. For many years I had the privilege of advising people how to grow, manage, preserve and give away their wealth. The technical skills of asset allocation and loan structure were my expertise, but it was always my clients that I cared about most.  No matter how much or how little money was involved, the lives of those who entrusted me were impacted by my advice and recommendations. This was a responsibility I took seriously —and considered a great privilege. 

Throughout the many years of advising, I saw first-hand that financial education is critical to making sound decisions. But I also realized that it was often the more emotional side of money and relationships that could be the greatest obstacle to achieving financial wellbeing.  Most people have great difficulty talking about money. It is uncomfortable—the elephant in the room.


When faced with money conflicts, who do you talk to?

How do we talk about money in our relationships? Why is money reported as the # 1 source of stress and a leading cause of divorce? Why do generational transfers go wrong, and the proverb "From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations" is still prevalent today?

Nothing matters more than family. And yet throughout my years as a financial advisor, I saw relationships broken and families shattered over money problems.  Financial advisors are not trained in relational issues and most therapists do not specialize in money issues. It’s a tremendous void.  

That’s why I created MADRE. With deep knowledge of personal financial issues and a heart to help individuals and families develop healthy money relationships, I knew I could help families solve money conflicts before they erupt. With communication, trust and counsel, families overcome money challenges—and thrive.

The name "MADRE?"  It's who I am today! Financial adviser, teacher, coach and most importantly, mother!  My desire and heart is to help achieve financial wellbeing, one family at a time.