Individual Coaching

Financial health means having a balanced, comfortable relationship with money.  It is using money, not as an end but as a tool to achieve what is most important in life. Learn to create a healthy and balanced emotional life; which is not separate from money.

Money issues can be paralyzing. MADRE provides meaningful guidance and self reflection to those who looking to change their money stresses and dynamics. Behaviors around money—such as compulsive spending, unmanageable debt, financial dependency, enabling, secrecy about money, or conflict in families—may be some of your deepest life difficulties. With compassion and expertise, we will explore these issues and create meaningful change.

Couples Coaching

For newly engaged and married couples. Understand your money history as individuals and gain tools for open, honest communication.   Explore what is necessary for successful marriage when it comes to money.  Learn how to avoid classic pitfalls that creates marital stress. Talking about money is not easy, or romantic.  Money can be a major source of stress in relationships, and sadly is a major cause of destruction in marriages. Talk early and talk often!

Family Meetings

Wonderful and fun occasions that bring everyone together—parents, children, grandchildren and spouses—to focus on the interests of the family. These meetings provide a forum for the family to practice (and become comfortable with) honest conversation. Open channels of communication and build trust between members—cornerstones to cohesive family relationships.  Every family is different. Family meetings are customized to your needs and your agenda.

MADRE Workshops and Retreats

Brings mothers (boomers) and daughters (millennials) together in powerful sessions. Learn and grow from each other, explore generational differences and how we were influenced by events in our lives.   Share perspectives and create a vision of our lives for today and tomorrow. Time to talk, share and enjoy a meal.  Workshops are customized to your group.

Just For Women

Education, relationships, addressing fears--no topic too basic. Provides empowerment for women to take hold of their financial wellbeing.  Whether you are suddenly single through divorce or death of a spouse, coming together in a safe environment with other women will give you support, encouragement and knowledge.


Fees & Facts

How Much Does it Cost?

Coaching sessions are $140.00 per session, lasting 50 minutes.


What form or payment is accepted?

We accept cash, checks and the following credit cards-MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Payment is due at the time of each session. Insurance is not accepted.


What Our Clients Say

My mom and I had never been able to discuss some of what Maureen prompted us to talk about. We are very close, yet money always was a tough topic to broach. Maureen has an uncanny ability to diplomatically and sensitively move the conversation forward. As a result, I feel closer to my mom and feel that it will be easier to discuss the topic of money and family moving forward.
— Katy Anderson